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Our Parish Church is St Mary's, Middlewich.
The Mass centre of St Margaret Ward in Holmes Chapel is also part of our Parish. 
Our Parish Priest is Fr Peter Dutton and our Deacons are Rev Tony Ford & Rev Chris Wells. 
The Parish covers Middlewich, Holmes Chapel, Goostrey, Byley and Cranage, and lies on both sides of Junction 18 of the M6.  


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Second Sunday of Lent.

"Seeing is believing” we often say. At the Transfiguration Peter, James and John were given this amazing visual experience and saw Jesus glorified. How could they not believe? Yet their faith did not fully develop until after the Resurrection. That sounds a bit like us doesn’t it? No matter what we’ve experienced, the prayers that have been answered, the blessings we’ve received we still have those moments of doubt. That is perfectly normal and human.
What we should do is follow the instruction of the Divine Voice to the disciples (and to us!): “This is my son, the beloved. Listen to him.” As we make our journey through Lent perhaps we can try and truly listen to what Jesus is telling us and do what he asks.