Equal importance is given by CAFOD to prayer and it underpins all its work. It provides our parish with prayers and reflections to guide and support us in our work for CAFOD.


We are invited to pray together from now until the end of the UN Climate talks in Glasgow in November 2021 to renew the face of the earth. The world’s poorest people are feeling the severe impact of the climate crisis now. Livelihoods are lost , crops swept away, decades of patient development work is lost overnight. Prayer is a powerful tool. Here are some words you might find helpful.

Prayer for Glasgow
Creator God,
We cry out to you
The earth is damaged and in chaos
People in poverty are suffering the most
Greed and consumerism are a disease
And your Church is too often asleep

Merciful Lord,
Protect your people and restore your earth,
Embolden governments to take action,
Awaken Church leaders
Give the youth influence

Anne, 04/08/2020