A virtual village of hope. 


Our Parish Advent Project 2011: our virtual village of Esperanza
In Advent 2011 we wanted to make an extra special effort to support CAFOD’s outstanding work and at the same time make our fundraising more meaningful. We created a virtual African village called Esperanza (which means hope) to help us understand more clearly how the money is used.
Our village of ten homes is set in the countryside in East Africa where it has not rained for a couple of years. Villagers have to walk for hours to get water. There have been problems with growing food and there is severe malnutrition bordering on starvation.

Each Sunday in Advent we collected money for our village.  We created a wish list of items costing a total of £1505 to greatly improve the lives of our villagers and help them become a vibrant community again. This was an ambitious target but we were hopeful that through your generosity Esperanza could flourish. 


The response from the parish was most generous and the initial target was exceeded by a large amount.  Please click on the picture below to get full details of all the items purchased for Esperanza.


Cafod crops

 The overall total is a hugely impressive £4,466.12 which far exceeds the target set at the start of Advent.  Well done everyone! Thank you to all who  contributed to our village of hope.
 community-water-supplyWater supply














CAFOD, 14/11/2011