This Harvest Fast Day, CAFOD asks you to make a place at your table for families around the world who don’t have enough to eat.
Use Cafod Fast Day resources and prayer to promote Harvest Fast Day in our Parish. A regular donation will help Cafod make sure the world’s poorest families have enough food today and for the future.

The day is endorsed by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, who provided the letter below.
Dear friends,
As Christians, we know that we live in a world where God has provided abundantly for all. And yet, so many of our brothers and sisters worldwide go hungry. I’ve been privileged to visit some of the countries where CAFOD works. There I have sat and talked with people who, often due to circumstances beyond their control, struggle to provide for themselves and their families. It grieves my heart to see their God-given potential wasted and to watch how they have been excluded from the feast that God spreads for us all.
Jesus showed us how to live lives of service to others. Much of his ministry took place around the meal table, where he always made a place for people on the margins or who were unwelcome elsewhere. He showed us how the small gifts that we bring, and our willingness to reach out to our neighbours, can be multiplied many, many times by God’s grace.
I am writing this Harvest, as CAFOD’s patron, to ask you to consider giving a regular donation to support CAFOD’s work. Making a place at your table for our brothers and sisters around the world who face hunger and hardship is a powerful way to express our shared faith and to show God’s love in action.
Even a small amount, given in love and supported by prayer, can help bring about a fairer world, where all people have enough to eat and can live life to the full.

Yours devotedly in Christ,
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor