Parish Events

Regular Events

Scripture Group:  Meets using video conferencing via your browser software.
The group is led by Deacon Chris and meets most Tuesdays at 7.00pm.  
We hold a video meeting and look at the scripture (particularly the Gospel) for the following Sunday.
Please email: for the invitation which has a link to join meeting (e-mail addresses will not be used for any other purpose).
Open to anyone, not just parishioners.

Scripture Group 
Many of us don't realise that Jesus is just as present to us in Holy Scripture as he is in the Eucharist. St Caesarius of Arles said:
"The word of God is in no way less than the Body of Christ; nor should it be received less worthily.
I ask you, brothers or sisters, tell me: which to you seems the greater, the word of God, or the Body of Christ? If you wish to say what is true you will have to answer that the word of God is not less than the Body of Christ.
Therefore just as when the Body of Christ is administered to us, what care do we not use so that nothing of it falls from our hands to the ground, so should we with equal care see that the word of God which is being imparted to us shall not be lost to our soul, while we speak or think of something else.
For he who listens carelessly to the word of God is not less guilty than he who through his own inattention suffers the Body of Christ to fall to the ground."

We all take great care about receiving the Lord in the Eucharist but do we take the same care over receiving the Word of God?
If you would like to learn more then why not join our Scripture Group? We meet via Zoom every Tuesday evening at 7.00pm for around an hour to discuss the readings for the following week and what they say to us. We are not scriptural scholars!
Contact Deacon Chris if you would like to join us.


Rosary:  Every Monday at 6:00pm  -  this is shared on Zoom during Covid restrictions.  Send email to Madelyn to receive the link   -

Due to Covid restrictions most events are postponed, or via internet using video conferencing.

Many regular events and meetings take place in the parish.  The list below gives the usual times and place of meetings but please check newsletter for updates.

Mothers' Prayers: Meet every Friday at 9:45 am in St Mary's Parish Centre

Parents & Tots Group: Every Friday in Parish Centre at 9:45 am.

Monthly Community Mass & Lunch: St Mary's; one Monday each month. See Bulletin for details