Friday March 11th is Family Fast Day. This Fast Day by eating more simply and giving to CAFOD, we are helping more children grow up big and strong.
Five years ago, Lombeh was born in Sierra Leone in Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world. She was tiny and she wasn’t growing. Some people thought Lombeh wouldn’t live. It was a difficultCAFOD2022 time in Sierra Leone as the country was still dealing with the Ebola virus. The family had lost  their  business and good food was expensive. Her mum, Amie, was very worried. But she didn’t give up hope. She found out from some other new mums about a local clinic CAFOD supports. There, she met Sister Anthonia, who is an expert in mother and child health. Sister Anthonia could see that Lombeh was very sick. So, in a small act of love, Sister Anthonia showed Amie how to make a rich, healthy sesame seed paste to feed her. Within a few weeks, baby Lombeh got better and began to grow. Now Lombeh is five years old. She’s big and strong. Amie now teaches other new mums to make the sesame paste, helping their babies get the food they need. Amie and Lombeh’s story is one of faith, hope and love. 

The climate crisis is making it harder to find healthy food around the world. Farmers in many places can no longer grow enough food to feed their families. And coronavirus has made things much worse for many people. For these families, a small act of love from you this Lent can make a big difference. 
Your small act of love can grow into something wonderful this Lent. Please donate at or by collecting and returning a Fast Day envelope available from church from the weekend of March 5th/6th.  
Thank you for your support.