Covid-19 Guidance

Dear Parishioners,
With the easing of COVID restrictions we have received new guidance on acts of public worship and we are pleased to let you know that further steps towards normality are now being introduced.

This weekend, Fr Peter will bless water, and the stoops at the entrances to St Mary's and St Margaret's will be back in use so that you can bless yourself with Holy Water as you enter and leave church.

We will also be re-introducing the Sign of Peace but in a socially distanced form - we suggest you turn towards each other and make a small bow as the sign of peace. You may, if you wish, shake hands with members of your immediate family.

The wearing of facemasks is no longer mandatory but we would ask you to please continue wearing masks; infection rates are still very high and we want to keep each other safe.

Holy Communion will continue to only be offered under one kind for the moment.

Please continue to pray for an end to the pandemic. 

Every blessing,
Fr Peter, Deacon Tony, Deacon Chris.
These conditions apply at both St Mary’s and St Margaret Ward’s. If you require further information please ring the parish office on 01606 832359.


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