Harvest Fast Day - Autumn 2021 


Ivanilde, a grandmother and farmer in Brazil, has devoted 19 years to protecting the small area of the Amazon rainforest she calls home. On the frontline of the climate crisis, she has fought fires and faced down threats but has never given up caring for our planet. With the help of local experts from our church network, she has replanted and restored her land. Donations like ours, have enabled expert human rights lawyers to stand alongside Ivanilde and her community through years of legal battles, to help them win their rights to stay, and protect the fragile piece of the Amazon they call home.

Ivanilde is not alone. All over the world, people are doing their bit to fight the worst effects of climate change. In Ethiopia, water experts are helping to build solar-powered pumps to help communities struggling with drought. In Bangladesh, local climate experts are helping people protect their homes and livelihoods from ever more devastating cyclones.

By giving to the climate crisis appeal, you will be helping the people who have done the least to cause the climate crisis but are being hit the hardest by its devastating effects. You will be supporting people like Ivanilde, who are dedicating their lives to protecting our common home.

You can give online at cafod.org.uk/climatecrisis.

Many thanks for your support