CAFOD’s campaigning tackles the causes of poverty and hunger, not just the symptoms. It is a tangible way in which we as a parish can express our faith. It enables us to help thousands more communities than we could just through fundraising alone, by advocating for changes in policy and practice to reduce poverty overseas. It includes political campaigning, but it is not party political. We make a difference when we join our voices with others who feel the same.

In 2020 we encouraged parishioners to Unite against coronavirus by signing the CAFOD petition to ask the government to work with other world leaders to help the most vulnerable people in our world to cope with this crisis. 
Before Christmas we made a gesture of solidarity by sending Christmas cards to human rights defenders around the world fighting for justice and freedom.

Let's reclaim our common home in 2021


The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world in an unprecedented way. In response to this crisis, Pope Francis has called on us to take an active part in renewing our troubled societies. So, this year we will be campaigning to Reclaim our Common Home. 

This summer, Britain will be hosting the G7 annual meeting where leaders of the world’s most powerful countries will discuss how to rebuild from the pandemic. And in November, Britain will also be hosting the UNCOP26 climate talks where world leaders will come together to agree on how to prevent catastrophic climate change. As host of these two key summits, the British Government will have significant leverage over these negotiations. And we, as citizens, can influence our government. The world is at a crossroads, and this opportunity for transformation cannot be missed.
Please encourage as many people as possible to sign the new petition to the Prime Minister at and urge Boris to put people hardest hit by the climate crisis at the heart of COP26.

Anne Sturman, 14/11/2020